St. Peter's participates in God's mission and this binds us together within our congregation and the greater community. We, as a body of Christ, have taken on many different tasks and have suprised ourselves at times that we could get them done. The Lord has been along side us all the way. Regardless of our need at the time He has always come through for us.  



We are committed to serving the community by serving those in need through our various mission and outreach opportunities.


Free monthly meals are served to the public as part of our engagement with Beth El Center and any community members who wish to join.

We are a founding member of the Milford Pastoral Counseling Center, and  Beth El Center, Milford. 

We feed people on the second Thursday of the month as part of our community supper program, and we rescue food from a local grocery store and deliver it to the Loaves and Fishes pantry in New Haven

This year, we hosted a no-freeze homeless shelter in partnership with the Beth El Center in Milford, providing a safe space and a night's sleep for our neighbors who are currently experiencing homelessness.

Our Prayer Shawl group knits shawls for cancer patients, new moms, and others in need of comfort and prayers. They also provide hats for the homeless and for cancer patients at Yale New Haven Hospital.


Each year since 2008, St. Peter’s has sent parishioners to build a home for a family in Juarez, Mexico. In 2020, we completed our 13th build!

We partner with Heifer International, providing livestock sustainable nutrition and economic opportunities for communities in developing countries.   Donations have also been given to support other mission efforts throughout the world, 

God is always doing a new thing, and we are currently in discernment about engaging with other international ministries such as the New York Haiti Project

Local Mission

Mission Abroad

Juarez Mission Trips