Ways We Care for the Community

Ways We Care for the Community

How we  Care for the Community;

At the Last Supper, Jesus gave a New Commandment to love one another as He loved us. In striving to emulate Christ’s perfect example of love, we:

  • Use our God-given gifts to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical assistance to those in need;
  • Minister to the members of our own parish family at St. Peter’s and our neighbors in the city of Milford, our nation, and the world as we are called by God.

What we are doing;

St. Peter's reaches out locally and throughout the world through many ministries. Our Purpose Statement was designed around the mission work that is done at St. Peter’s.  Caring for the community is very important because by doing so we end up sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in turn we prepare disciples. Some of the work we do is listed below with links that describe each of the ministries.

Mission trips to Ciudad Juarez Mexico.

Juarez Mission Trip: For the past 9 years St. Peter's, with help from the Episcopal Diocese, have send teams to the border town of Juarez, Mexico.  While there the members not only build a reliable house for a deserving family but share meals with members of the community.   This great opportunity allows us to be the hands and feet of God.


Monthly Outreach Dinners: The second Thursday of each month members of St. Peter’s provide sumptuous, wholesome meals for anyone in need, giving them dignity and showing them that they are God’s children. There are currently four teams each serving meals 3 times a year.

Youth Group  Participates in several community outreach programs such as the Beth El Shelter Trick or Trot fundraiser, serving at the local soup kitchen and working with Christian Community Action in New Haven to prepare and pack boxes and bags of Thanksgiving meal ingredients for the needy in the community. 

Refugee Resettlement:  We are part of an ecumenical network of churches in Milford that began partnering with local refugee resettlement agencies such as IRIS. Since 2021, we have resettled two families in the greater New Haven area, one family from Senegal, and two brothers from Afghanistan.  This group began its work and has bene named "Milford's Way" as a network. Milford's Way currently accepts donations through our online giving portal if you'd like to continue supporting the efforts of this group. 

Heifer International: Heifer International enables families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity not by giving them a handout, but by providing the family with animals that are not only a source of food but also a source of income.  So far St. Peter’s have raised the funds to “float” 12 arks.  For more information go to http://www.heifer.org 

We also partner with many wonderful nonprofits in the city of Milford. 

How We Share the Gospel

St. Peter's Prepares Disciples