St. Peter's Prepares Disciples

St. Peter's Prepares Disciples

What is Preparing Disciples;

Christian discipleship is the practice of forming ourselves and others into the likeness of Jesus Christ, equipping ourselves for the work of ministry and building up the Body of Christ.  As followers of Christ, we, at St. Peter’s, are a community that is committed to a lifelong journey of maturing our faith through:

The study of scripture and its incorporation in our daily lives;

  • An active prayer life—seeking God’s blessing, power and direction;
  • Worship—loving, praising, and giving thanks to God;
  • Stewardship—practicing generosity of our time, finances, and abilities;
  • Fellowship—supporting, encouraging, and mentoring one another in the Christian life.

We engage in faithful conversations about the intersection between faith and our daily life.

Our current adult formation group is meeting on Monday Evenings at 7:00 PM.  


Some of the ways we do that;

 Sunday School  plants the seed of faith in our children, it teaches them how to live their lives as a Christians, and teaches them the practice of reading the Bible.

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Youth Group:  Through bible study and reflective prayers, the group is preparing our youth to become followers of Christ.


Confirmation Class finalizes teachings of God in their youth and prepares them to live in Christ as adults. 


Juarez Mission Trips are a great opportunities to meet God in the desert. This is an experience that is truly life changing. 

Juarez 2015



Music/Choir is an esential part of our 10 am service. We encourgae the congregation to sing along with the chior. 


How We Share the Gospel

Ways We Care for the Community