Joining Jesus

Joining Jesus

In the spring of 2020, our vestry voted to participate in the Joining Jesus Campaign, a collaborative capital campaign, with the help of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. 

This campaign is designed to help us strengthen our resources for

  • our legacy through endowment growth
  • our buildings through a capital reserve fund
  • our programs for formation and outreach 
  • our relationships and shared ministries with parishes in our region in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. 

Thus far, we have raised over 600,000.00 in pledged contribtuions over the next five years, and there is room to join in!

The materials included on this page will more fully describe what we envision for our parish in the years to come, and how this campaign will help us join God's mission here at St. Peter's and beyond. 

Learn more about the Joining Jesus Campaign Here

For those considering pledging to the Joining Jesus Campaign,

download the pledge form here.