How We Share the Gospel

How We Share the Gospel

What it means to Share the Gospel;

Gospel simply means “good news.” It is the central Christian message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  At Saint Peter’s we:

  • Joyfully communicate our knowledge of God’s life and love in Jesus Christ with our words and actions;
  • Invite all those who are interested to accompany us on our spiritual journey;
  • Encourage those who journey with us to enter into the fellowship of the church.

Some of the ways we do that at St. Peter's;

Youth Group : Youth Group meetings  incorporate reflective prayer stations as a way to apply biblical teaching and analysis to their lives and relationships.


Bible Studies 

Bible studies help us to know God and his will for our lives. They help develop a community of believers that will encourage others to deepen their faith and help us grow our own faith. St. Peter’s offers a variety of bible studies that take place at several times and locations.

Luturgical Worship helps you understand how the Episcopal Church worships during our Services.

Bible Readings are an important part of sharing the gospel. Please click the link to see a list of readings for this year.

Daily Devotionals are some of St. Peter's favorite sites that help us spread the word of God. 


St. Peter's Prepares Disciples

Ways We Care for the Community